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29 October 2020 | 16:00 SGT

Post-pandemic Oil & Gas opportunities in APAC: value for money or time to head for the exits?

Asia holds 9 of the world’s 15 fastest growing economies and the Oil & Gas industry will play a central role in the development of these economies… Find out more

28 October 2020 | 9am CST

Buyside Strategies in the Minerals & Royalties Space Amidst COVID-19 and the Oil price War

Everyone in the minerals & royalties space is looking to get a large institution to acquire their portfolio but with COVID-19 and the Oil Price War, many buyers have been forced to shift their strategies….Find out more

12 November 2020 | 9am CST

New Frontier Exploration Offshore Latin American will not attract funding in a post-COVID19 world

In the recent past, E&P operators have been able to enter into high prospect regions safe in the knowledge that over a 20-30 year window, there would be a supply-demand gap for them to fill…Find out more


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Offshore Mexico – Updates Amidst COVID-19 & the Oil Price War

Join some of the most successful operators in Mexico as they discuss, and answer your questions, on recent activity – drilling, production and operational updates in Mexico’s offshore, the effect…


The O&G industry is failing to embrace digitalisation

There are impressive statistics that show the cost benefits of embracing new technology – whether it be mechanical or technological; increases in production efficiency, OPEX reductions, reduction in lost…


Minerals & Royalties Portfolio Strategies: Diversification vs Specialization

For the longest time, minerals & royalties companies looked to build diversified portfolios across multiple States, basins, and commodities.  As institutional money started…


Changes to the industry in 2020 will lead to permanent transformation

As we near the end of the summer, and anticipating almost certain consolidation expected due to the oil price and Covid-19 as well as changing supply/demand…


Minerals & Royalties Aggregation Strategies

How do the ground game dynamics differ from basin to basin in today’s market? Is the bid-ask-spread the same on the ground vs corporate transactions / brokered packages? These are just a few of the questions we put to our panel of industry experts…


This Is The End Of U.S. O&G Independents; Only Supermajors Will Remain

The U.S. shale industry has been built up around a Private Equity model with a clear exit strategy. However, this model has become less and less economic in recent years and many independents are now thought to be sitting on…


U.S. Oil & Gas Companies Were Hanging On By A Thread, Is It Too Late For Restructuring?

US O&G Independents were already sitting on huge debt levels before the impacts of COVID-19 and the Oil Price War hit. They now face a dire road ahead. Amidst weakened commodity…


The O&G industry cannot attract the right talent

According to data compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the number of graduates going into oil and gas exploration in 2017 was at its lowest since records began in 2012, having fallen by 61% in four years. As…


Upstream M&A will continue to nose-dive

Mergers and acquisitions rely on the interconnectedness of financial systems to function. So, what happens when international markets slow down beyond anything previously seen…


There Is No Future For Frontier Exploration

With increased pressure from “green” companies on the industry to stop exploring coupled with the high cost of exploration, will the current pause on exploration end up being a permanent, hard stop…


Additional Cost Rationalisation In The O&G Industry Is Not Feasible

During the last downturn, operators and service providers alike slashed CAPEX and OPEX. With already tighter margins and limited available capital, what will further…


Are We Witnessing the Death of The PE Company?

During the last downturn, Private Equity played an instrumental role in financing small/ mid cap companies in a period when access to finance was hugely reduced. With many still yet...


Small Cap Players Have Run Out Of Funding Options

In the current downturn, small caps may have few options when it comes to financing. Can small caps remain relevant in this market, who will be the winners and losers, how creative can…


The Low Oil Price Will Derail The Re-Imagining Of Energy

As many oil & gas companies focus on surviving the latest downturn and the oil price crash, we ask whether renewables projects will be put on hold or if the current market conditions will…


Investors Are Leaving U.S. Shale And They Are Not Coming Back

With the US shale industry having been severely impacted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price war, US investors are beginning to screen opportunities…


What it Takes to Exit a Minerals & Royalties Portfolio

As more and more capital has entered into the minerals & royalties space over the past 5-6 years, there has been a growing debate around how investors will exit their money.  Should companies build ..


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