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Followed by 80,000 professionals around the globe, the Oil and Gas Council is the premier global network for the industry.  The member community is primarily about people, and includes over 4,000 qualified investors in 57 countries.

The world’s leading financiers, corporations and professional service firms kindly underwrite membership.  Members using the network are able to make connections, drive partnerships and drive success for the oil and gas and associated industries.

How our members benefit?

Three Strategic Platforms – Assemblies, VIP Receptions and the iCouncil platform are the avenues through which the Council delivers our Membership benefits. These formats help to facilitate new investment, encourage business development, showcase excellence and promote thought leadership across the wider industry.

Peer-to-peer introductions are facilitated through our Council Connect service, and are available exclusively to members.  The Council has the ability to offer this service on a global level, rather than just at a specific region or event.

The Council facilitates VIP Member Receptions all over the world which are invite only gatherings of our network, specially curated for Senior Executives (C-Suite, Sr. BD, and Regional Managers only) from a cross-section of E&P, LNG, Midstream, OFS, Investment, Financial, and Trading firms.

The iCouncil knowledge platform ensures members have unlimited access to a range of primary insight, focused on helping individuals in the industry.  The iCouncil platform facilitates key data and information flow into the industry.  The platform is open source, and we encourage members to contribute, connect and share their ideas with one another.

Are You a Member?

If your company is a member, then you are! Check here to find out, then register here to begin exploring the benefits of your membership.

Interested in Becoming an Individual Member?

Membership is for an individual wanting to engage directly with our network who is not from a Partner company.  It is an annual subscription that allows an executive to access the network.

If you would like more information about becoming a member, please complete the form on this page:

Please contact one of the following regional heads to discuss membership:

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Laurent Lafont

Laurent Lafont


Lyle Simpson

Lyle Simpson

SVP, Asia

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Tim Pawul

SVP, Americas