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Connectivity Without Boundaries


The Oil and Gas Council is the world's most senior platform for executives operating in the energy sector.  Hosting an Oil and Gas Council show, places your region at the heart of our global network. With unrivalled reach on every continent, no other organisation has the international capabilities of the Oil and Gas Council.

Let us do the groundwork

Oil and Gas Council Signature Events offer a full-service project management of your event, specially curated by the original Founders of the Council. The Council employs the latest technology from its five global offices in London, Houston, Singapore, Cape Town to plan, manage and run your event, with additional support from Clarion Events.  Clarion Events is one of the world’s leading event organisers, producing and delivering innovative and market-leading events since 1947.

The Oil and Gas Council has created an impressive portfolio of Signature Events around the world, with many more in various stages of construction and planning.




Benefit to Host Country

Many Ministries and NOCS successfully engage with the global O&G and energy markets on a day-to-day basis. That being said, the Oil and Gas Council believes that there is another layer of connectivity for executives.  We ensure that you are connected further with the world-wide O&G community, not just regionally but globally.

Our approach is to focus on our international network of business leaders.  We create the opportunity for them to learn more about your country, your business and the wider oil and gas industry in your region.  This gives them a better understanding of how to work with you as they look to grow their businesses around the world.

Additionally, an Oil and Gas Council Signature Event is the ideal platform to reinforce the position of several of your key executives as industry thought leaders by having them keynote the show and take part in the discussions either as panelists or moderators.

Benefit to your wider Oil & Gas Industry

We find that, around the world, the local service sector seldom has the same visibility and penetration into the worldwide O&G markets as host governments and national oil companies do. With varying degrees, they lack real and meaningful connectivity into international capital markets, international O&G companies and strategic international partners in the services industry.

We believe a Signature Event would offer them a range of important benefits including:

  • Increased visibility and profile in the worldwide O&G community,
  • Increased new business development opportunities, including international partners/prospects,
  • Increased involvement as thought leaders in global O&G discussions, and
  • Access to numerous sources of business intelligence and insight that would assist them in successfully positioning their companies to achieve new growth, both domestically and internationally.

Consideration of other Energy Events

It is not our intention to compete with events that already take place in-country. We look to complement these events and bring a new format and audience to your country. We work with you and your yearly calendar to ensure that the Signature event would best benefit you and the wider O&G community.

Next Steps

We believe that our networks ‘growing’ success will bring great value to your country on an annual basis to meet, network and learn from business leaders across your region, but also the wider global energy industry. We also believe that an Oil and Gas Council Signature Event would provide you with a unique opportunity to share your collective thought leadership, knowledge and future plans with an influential selection of international executives and companies.

Iain Pitt

Iain Pitt