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Lance Crist

Head of Oil, Gas and Mining, IFC

World Energy Capital Assembly 2017

2017 World Energy Capital Assembly

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Lord Brown of Madingley

Executive Chairman, L1 Energy

Awards of Excellence 2017

Oscar Roldan

Head of the National Information Center Hydrocarbons, CNH

South America Assembly 2017

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European Gas Conference 2019

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Andrew Seck

Vice President, LNG Marketing & Shipping, Anadarko

Asia Pacific Energy Assembly 2018

Canada Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

John Dielwart, Founder of ARC Resources & Vice Chairman of ARC Financial

Manfred Leinter

Executive Board Member For Downstream, OMV

European Gas Conference 2019

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A diverse, stable and exciting market to work in long-term. This network expands as far north as Calgary and as far south as Buenos Aires


We have worked with numerous indigenous companies, their leaders and host governments in almost every African hydrocarbon province.

Asia Pacific

Our portfolio encompasses Asia Pacific’s largest O&G investment event in Singapore and most international O&G meeting in China.