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Quarterly 4 (WECA)

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Press Release

Seapulse Limited (“Seapulse”), the recently launched global oil and gas exploration vehicle, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Maersk Drilling A/S (“Maersk Drilling”).

IOC Tracker

Every three months we track the investments made specifically by IOCs into non-hydrocarbon assets with our Council Low-Carbon Tracker.  View the tracker here.

What is the optimal energy mix?

Today we have the luxury of choosing between several direct and indirect viable energy sources. Renewables and gas are two of these, and of course historically coal has been the dominant force. The decisive question we always face is “what is the optimal energy mix”?

Emma Delaney, Regional President Mauritania & Senegal, BP

Gas a transition fuel – Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime. The energy mix is shifting towards lower carbon sources.


The current remaining unconventional gas reserves is approximately equal with the estimated conventional gas resources of around 138 TCF.

Data-driven - Siemens

A case study shows how advanced condition-monitoring technologies – plus analytical expertise – can optimise maintenance of mission- critical equipment in offshore environments, while lowering cost and improving safety.

Tor Langoy, Managing Director, BD Global Capital

BD Globe Capital has been providing investment and smart capital solutions to the energy sector worldwide for years now, we have a particular focus at present on ‘upstream Nigeria’.

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