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Membership is for companies and individual wanting to engage directly with our network.  It is an annual subscription that allows an executive to access the world largest network of oil and gas executives, financiers and investors.

Iain Pitt, CEO, Oil & Gas Council

When we talk about energy transition, what we are really talking about is a shift from a central energy supply (largely from fossil fuels), to a decentralised distributed model underpinned by technology.

IOC Tracker

Every three months we track the investments made specifically by IOCs into non-hydrocarbon assets with our Council Low Carbon Tracker

New Technological Frontiers Report

The oil and gas sector has embraced innovation since its beginnings in the 19th century, and its response to the digital revolution now unfolding continues this tradition. Powerful new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud applications, have upgraded or overtaken old ones.

Upstream Oil & Gas M&A: Co-operation for innovation

In 2017 we saw a continuation of the upturn in upstream M&A which began in late 2016. The oil & gas industry has been through a sustained period of focus on cost cutting but, as the oil price stabilises, many players are now seeing an opportunity to refocus on growth.

What We Do

The Oil & Gas Council is the largest and most influential network of senior oil & gas, finance and investment executives in the world.

We broker relationships and provide unique networking opportunities for our individual members and corporate partners year-round, through dozens of tailored experiences.

We host a range of networking events including internationally acclaimed conferences, bespoke dinners and VIP receptions. Plugging into an unrivalled network of executives, these enable thousands of members to effectively raise capital, source JV partners, promote their businesses and transform the industry.


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Brian Maxted



“An exceptional opportunity to engage and network with the industry, including small to large-cap O&G companies, the complete spectrum of service providers, as well as sector investors.”

Founder and Chief Exploration Officer
Kosmos Energy

Lance Crist

“I find the Oil & Gas Council to be an extremely convenient and well organised way to meet a large number of industry players, from operators to banks, financiers and others. Every year the team create an agenda that is always topical to market conditions, with key figures sharing their insights on the business. Between the formal agenda and the informal meetings on the sidelines, I manage to get a huge amount of work done, and good intel on latest developments in the sector.”

Global Head of Oil & Gas & Mining

Nawaf Saud Nasir Al-Sabah

“Oil & Gas Council provides an excellent venue to catch up with old friends and meet new ones in the industry while we discuss the state of the industry and opportunities for the future.”


Keith Hill

“Thanks for another great conference….. it is turning into one of the premier conferences in the world. It has a unique mix of industry, financial and service industry attendees. Saw many old friends but also made a number of valuable new acquaintances.”

President and CEO
Africa Oil Corp