About The Oil & Gas Council

The Oil & Gas Council is the largest and most influential network of oil and gas executives in the world. We connect oil and gas executives, and in turn their companies, to each other and to their partners in the services, finance, government and investment worlds.

Our network spans the global oil and gas value chain and comprises Members (individuals connecting into our network) and Partners (companies connecting into our network to promote themselves regionally and/or globally). We focus on the business dynamics of oil and gas; the pioneers, partnerships, strategies, financings, transactions, joint ventures, opex and capex that determine the future direction of the industry and shape tomorrow’s energy landscape.

Our network of Members and Partners includes upstream, LNG/midstream, downstream and oilfield services leaders, as well as, recognised energy experts and business leaders from investment banks, law firms, management consultancies, commodity trading firms, advisory boutiques, investment houses, technology providers, EPC contractors and government ministries/regulators. 6,000+ executives from 100+ countries attend our meetings each year. We bring these senior executives together to facilitate new investment, encourage business development, share best practice, guarantee peer-to-peer networking, offer new industry insight, showcase excellence and promote thought leadership across the wider industry.

Oil & Gas Council provides an excellent venue to catch up with old friends and meet new ones in the industry while we discuss the state of the industry and opportunities for the future.

Nawaf Saud Nasir Al-Sabah

Oil & Gas Council events set the standard for the industry combining thought provoking speakers from across the oil and gas world and great networking opportunities.

Gretchen Watkins
Maersk Oil

What I find particularly unique about the Oil & Gas Council is the combination of industry, the funding bodies and the people who are providing the capital which allows us to go about our business. It’s the combination of those elements in the same room which makes it such a productive, enjoyable and interesting forum.

Patrick Allman-Ward
Dana Gas

One could almost start and close all aspect of an oil and gas deal in the room. The engagement between speakers and the listening crowd was very interactive.

Dr. Ladi Bada
Shoreline Natural Resources

Oil & Gas Council has done a great job again in gathering a large number of people involved in the industry from very different perspectives, I understand it’s a record turnout which is a fantastic achievement and I look forward to being back next year.

Tony Hayward
Glencore Xstrata

Your China Assembly was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and network with a broad cross section of China's oil and gas industry. Hopefully this is the first of many to be held in China.

Mark Wheeler
President, China

The Latin America assembly was a remarkable event where several key industry players in Latin America Oil & Gas exchanged a great variety of ideas about many topics, including a few “hot” and current ones. The several alarms appearing in the industry radar these days were all tackled and widely discussed.

Mariano Ferrari
Managing Director, Colombia

There is a huge bandwith – you can meet with all companies and government officials. You get to see many international players and a lot of our clients are here.

Ramin Lakani
General Manager, EMEA

Our global oil & gas industry is large yet small and developing relationships within the industry are key. There is no doubt that the Oil & Gas Council provides a terrific networking opportunity for all members.

Martin Lovegrove
Senior Advisor

Providing a great opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas with a wide range of local key players and foreign firms, this inaugural event held at challenging times kept all its promises.

Laurent Chevalier
President, Gas & Power Ventures (China)

World Oil & Gas Week provided an opportunity where leaders of the industry shared insights into how the ongoing low price environment is playing out across the entire value chain around the world. Presentations and discussions enabled a comprehensive view of the key areas including resources, financing, technology and environment. The event has enabled drawing many important lessons especially by participants from emerging oil and gas provinces like ours. Congratulations to Oil & Gas Council for putting the event together in these not so easy times.

Ernest Rubondo
Director for Petroleum
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda

The Women’s Oil & Gas Council has created an excellent forum to highlight and discuss important issues that are impacting women in our industry. BP is proud to be a sponsor.

Carl-Henric Svanberg

I find the Oil & Gas Council to be an extremely convenient and well organized way to meet a large number of industry players, from operators to banks, financiers and others. Every year the team create an agenda that is always topical to market conditions, with key figures sharing their insights on the business. Between the formal agenda and the informal meetings on the sidelines, I manage to get a huge amount of work done, and good intel on latest developments in the sector.

Lance Crist
Global Head of Oil, Gas & Mining

World Oil & Gas Week was a pleasure to be part of. The session I was part of served up a lively debate and valuable discussion. In particular, I thought it was great that the audience were highly engaged and posed stimulating and thought-provoking questions to myself and colleagues on the panel.

Andy Samuel
Oil & Gas Authority

Leading a successful business is all about building affinity with people and continuous learning. At the Oil & Gas Council there is plenty of both. Panel session presentations and discussions offer a lot of insights about oil and gas business challenges and opportunities across geographies. Networking between industry experts and financial community helps to build affinity between people which is necessary to move many prospects to successful projects for the benefit of many parties.

Zvonimir Djerfi
President, Integrated Operations
Baker Hughes

Oil & Gas Council always puts together the best industry event for energy sector, in US, Europe, and South East Asia. I am very glad, and not surprised, to see the same success in its Assembly in China. Look forward to seeing more of their events!

Bo Bai
Managing Director, Asia
Warburg Pincus

The North America Assembly was a world-class success. The high quality speakers and panels that you were able to pull-together provided great insights into the current state of the energy business and provided thoughtful perspectives of what the near-term future may be and the factors that would drive it. I felt the audience was well-engaged and provided very thoughtful questions to the speakers and panellists. All-in-all an outstanding conference. Bravo!

Stephen Trauber
Vice Chairman & Global Head of Energy

Your Asia-Pacific Assembly was an excellent gathering of oil and gas professionals. I enjoyed the exchange with regional colleagues during the sessions.

Tevin Vongvanich
President and CEO

The conference is a major event every year. The quality of speakers and attendance is very impressive. This is highly efficient for client meeting. The dinner is also a milestone event every year. It is fantastically organised (for 1000 guests!) and a great opportunity for us to invite key clients.

Frank Pluta
Global Co-Head, Oil & Gas Corporate Finance
Standard Chartered Bank

I enjoyed a very professional organization, solid turn out and truly high level representation. As you could imagine, I attained quite a few events in a course of my work but the North America Assembly in 2015 surprised me as a true open forum. It was a genuine discussion going on, a dialogue rather than a monologue.

Mikhail Antonov
President & Managing Director, USA
Gazprom Marketing & Trading

It was a pleasure to be part of this event not least to meet several industry leaders and to discuss the major issues our industry is facing.

Jon Erik Reinhardsen
President and CEO

Thanks for another great conference….. it is turning into one of the premier conferences in the world. It has a unique mix of industry, financial and service industry attendees. Saw many old friends but also made a number of valuable new acquaintances.

Keith Hill
President and CEO
Africa Oil Corp

Oil & Gas Council organized a great event for industry leaders to discuss and debate the energy industry's critical issues.  It was a pleasure to participate in a dynamic panel discussion and an honour to represent BHP Billiton.

Rob Kase
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
BHP Billiton

Oil and Gas Council’s World Oil & Gas Week, despite the low oil price, managed to again attract a sizeable, engaged and diverse audience with opportunities to network and discuss a wide range of subjects and opportunities. The format and nature of the panel sessions allowed for audience participation, which proved to be enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking. From a networking perspective, the conference manages to find a healthy balance between the panel sessions, keynote talks and opportunities to meet with past and future business contacts and friends.

Phil Loader
Executive Vice President, Global Exploration

A great opportunity to meet and discuss highly relevant topical issues and given the diverse attendees, it certainly provided deep insights from multiple perspectives across our industry.

Craig Hrabar
President, China and Operations Director (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Mongolia),

As a significant investor in China’s upstream unconventional gas sector, we were delighted to be in involved in the Oil & Gas Council’s Assembly in Beijing. A very professional, well attended event that is a must attend for senior executives in the region.

Glenn Corrie
Sino Gas & Energy

My calendar is often congested with commitments, but I always accommodate Oil & Gas Council functions. They always have high quality speakers, but equally high quality attendees. I learn from all of them.

Peter Tertzakian
Chief Energy Economist and Managing Director
ARC Financial Corp.

Very informative and well attended conference which grows every year. The contents of the various forums were topical and as always I learned a lot from other panellists and presenters. The audience had some notable names attending and the whole event was an excellent networking opportunity.

Kevin Price
Global Head, Reserve Based Finance
Societe Generale CIB

Standard Chartered Bank has maintained a long and fruitful relationship with Oil & Gas Council.  The Oil & Gas Council forum in Houston was an excellent event that provided the venue to discuss the critical issues facing the oil & gas industry.   Oil & Gas Council continues to be a catalyst for discussion, ideas and networking across the globe. We look forward to participating in future events.

Peter Gaw
Global Head, Oil & Gas
Standard Chartered Bank

 It was my first time at the Oil & Gas Council and I enjoyed a well-organized event and world-class attendance.

Ciro Antonio Pagano
Senior Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa

The conference content was relevant, topical and timely. It was grounded in the current industry realities but forward-looking; well attended and an efficient way to take the pulse of many of the industry’s most active players at a tumultuous time.

Philip Jackson
Managing Director and Member of the Investment Committee
Kerogen Capital

Thank you for your invitation to the China Assembly. It is a fantastic gathering with executives and experts in the oil and gas industry, and I enjoyed the atmosphere very much.

Chao Zhou
Deputy CEO
China Africa Development Fund

I love this kind of format because it can maximize participant time value by addressing what participants are interested in via different angles from different type of companies.

Ji Fahua
Vice President
Sinochem E&P

Once again the Asia-Pacific Assembly has demonstrated to be one of the best forum and networking event for all industry players in oil & gas. The quality of the speakers and participants was even better than last year. The Assembly has become the must go event of the year for our industry.

Luca Tonello
Deputy General Manager and Head of Project Finance

Thank you for inviting us to join the Oil & Gas Council’s Assembly. This is a very well organized and impressive event, a good platform for extensive networking and sharing of experiences. I am delighted to have the chance to introduce our company and share our operation history and progress with the audience, and very much enjoyed the other keynote addresses, panel discussions, and most importantly, networking. Congratulations!

Pierce Li
Co-CEO and President
AAG Energy

For me, this has been the most productive conference and gathering of oil and gas professionals I’ve ever attended. Suddenly, there is so much appetite and so much capital looking for good investment opportunities in Africa.

Abdulrazaq Isa
Co-Founder and CEO
WalterSmith Petroman

World Oil & Gas Week is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with some of the leading lights of the oil and gas industry. House rules are such that speakers are incentivized to be open and honest about the state of the market. This event therefore is essential for participants to take stock of developments in the sector and adjust their strategies accordingly.

William Stevens
Managing Director and Global Head, Strategic Energy Solutions Group

Great success indeed! Congratulations for the quality of the event and of the audience.

Serge Matesco
Vice President, Sub Saharan Africa

This event brought together a diverse group of leaders to discuss important issues facing the energy business today. It was a pleasure to both participate on a panel and hear the thoughts of key leaders.

Bill Maloney
Executive Vice President, North America

The Asia Pacific Assembly and Awards organized by the Oil and Gas Council, is a valuable platform to meet with peers, with clients as well as with financiers and legal experts who can collectively assist in weathering this downturn while investigating new business development opportunities.

Raphael Siri
CEO, SapuraKencana Drilling and SVP
SapuraKencana Petroleum

A word of thanks for an excellent conference. Both in terms of organization and “pitch” this was a top class event.

Marc den Hartog
Shell Upstream Indonesia

The Oil & Gas Council Assembly in Bogota provides a very effective and appropriate forum for business and government participants to consider and discuss Latin America’s forward strategies to tap into significant worldwide investment available for the energy sector today.

Ali Moshiri
Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Company

World Oil & Gas Week is the perfect spot for exchanging views on current status and perspectives on the E&P sector with all key industry and financial players.

Francois Martin
Global Head, Oil & Gas
Credit Agricole CIB

The best conference I’ve been to in Latin America for high-level networking.  Very well organized!

Steve De Vito
Head of Upstream, Latin America

A truly global audience of energy, finance and investment leaders. It was a pleasure to be part of their discussion on the future oil and gas landscape.

Simon Eyers
Managing Director
Warburg Pincus

The good thing about the Oil & Gas Council is that it’s well-attended and a good mix of advisors and industry. The off-the-record conversations we’ve had have been very educational and we picked up on things that we wouldn’t have at an ordinary event.

Nick Cooper
Ophir Energy

An exceptional opportunity to engage and network with the upstream industry, including small to large-cap E& P companies, the complete spectrum of service providers, as well as sector investors.

Brian Maxted
Chief Exploration Officer
Kosmos Energy

The event proved to be a great networking opportunity for the oil & gas industry and associated professionals, and we enjoyed discussing and hearing industry views. We look forward to attending future events.

Aakash Nijhawan
Head of M&A

World Oil & Gas Week has firmly established itself in Europe’s calendar. It has developed into a key event fostering exchange on industry trends and networking across the broader oil and gas community. An important aspect at times when the industry is trying to adapt to a new reality!

Martin Bachmann
Executive Director, E&P and Member of the Board

This is a serious, focused and frank event where conclusions can be expected to reach decision makers.

Ayo Ajose-Adeogun
Chief Strategy Officer


Oil & Gas Council has done a great job again in gathering a large number of people involved in the industry from very different perspectives, I understan

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