16 May 2017 - 17 May 2017 at Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

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Day 1
Day 2

Assembly Day 1: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 

Pricing, Financing and Investment 

- Ministerial Welcome and Update on South Africa's RFQs

  • An update on the Request for Qualification for South Africa’s Gas to Power Program  
  • What mechanisms are needed to integrate the necessary gas import infrastructure, including floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), and gas to power plant projects in Southern Africa
  • Where next for the region’s energy policy that will foster the next wave of investment? Where does the industry need to invest to catalyze new demand and is investment in energy infrastructure the answer?

09.30 - Opening Plenary: What Is The Global Gas Market Outlook And How Does It Impact GTP Opportunities? Understanding the Global Fundamentals and Overcoming Local Challenges

  • Maximising the abundance of new natural gas resources and affordability to create perpetual energy growth
  • Is the current global glut just another cycle, or has the industry permanently transformed in certain ways?
  • Tomorrow’s Energy Outlook: How can development models for power in all future GTP markets be adapted as oil and coal are displaced?
  • The tools needed to support a solid energy strategy – the impact of cost-reflective tariffs, PPAs, risk allocation & regulators
  • Can LNG import be a bridge to unlocking domestic resource for countries with major discoveries?

10.30 - Extended Networking Morning Coffee Break

11.30Finance and Investment: Mobilising Private and Public Capital - Unlocking Improved Value for Capital Expenditure and Filling the Funding Gap

  • Credit enhancement: Understanding the tax exemptions behind power purchase agreements that can drive gas development  
  • What are the risk management considerations that investors and financers have to make when acquiring or developing energy and infrastructure assets?
  • Highlighting the differing considerations needed between small and large-scale projects (early stage risk, long dated PPA – good structuring – indexing in hard credit) 
  • Extolling the virtues of counterparty credit and fair pricing to ensure projects are investable for pension and infrastructure funds
  • Understanding hedging strategies to mitigate the currency risk and foster gas to power investment
  • Regional vs. international lending for gas to power projects - overcoming challenges of debt markets for energy– supply side and demand side challenges (cost of debt, credible off takers and regulatory markets)
  • Highlighting which liquefaction projects will likely get to FID in 2017?  What critical commercial threshold has to be met before FID?

12.30 - Impact of Multilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFI): Supporting Bankabe Gas to Power Projects

  • Successfully accessing and leveraging DFI involvement (Direct loans, Mezzanine debt and Equity)
  • Externalising country and private capital risk - the trade-offs between grants and loans in development financing
  • How to attract earlier-stage capital – what is possible in order to secure long-term debt for gas to power projects?
  • Highlighting the well-structured assets/projects that are providing opportunities for initial investment
  • Charting the importance of Multilaterals in providing political risk insurance and other credit enhancements given many countries fall below investment grade

13.30 - Networking Lunch

14.30 - Gas Economics and Pricing: Destination Clauses, Volume Flexibility and Hybrid Pricing   

  • How does the risk/return profile for GTP investing differ from pure upstream investing?  What opportunities are LPs and Private Equity looking for?
  • PPA/IPP: Developing strong power purchase agreements that enables cost recovery and investor protection
  • What will be the impact of LNG BTU pricing as Brent and Henry Hub prices increase
  • Destination flexibility vs. price formula review moving forward. Will gas be able to contractually and physically move across regions, equalizing arbitrage by 2020?

15.30 - Networking Afternoon Coffee Break

16.30 - Prodution and Supply Security: The Upstream Gas Supplier - Creating Models for Partnership with the Downstream Power Sector

  • Marrying the investment horizons of gas fields with the financing realities of gas fired power generation? What lead times are we looking at to bring on board more indigenous gas?
  • What regulatory regimes can be used to encourage investment in each stage of the project value chain in gas-to-power?
  • Financing and developing dynamic growth in smaller scale GTP – the benefits of modularity and flexibility
  • The benefits of production sharing agreements (PSA) and off take considerations
  • Power transmission capacity to load centres – what can the upstream provider realistically expect? 

17.30 - Close of Conference Day One

Assembly Day 2: Wednesday, 17 May 2017

GTP, LNG an IPP Case Studies

09.30 -
Progress & Delivery on the Continent: Pioneering Technology and Innovation

  • Fostering tighter relationships with gas companies to bring resources online faster - Removing pressure on upstream companies to develop the entire gas value chain
  • Creating regional gas hubs to provide sufficient feedstock – the relationship between upstream and downstream sectors
  • The technology pioneers breaking boundaries to progress - the GTP technical approach, and country specific considerations in the energy landscape 

10.30Networking Morning Coffee Break

11.00 - LNG Case Study: Innovations in LNG and Power Delivery

  • Global update on harness waste heat to drive renewed profitability for operators - new technology and advanced software controls
  • Adding flexibility to the energy mix – Floating LNG Power Station (FLPS)

11.30 - Gas Project Case Studies: The African and the Global Context

  • Projects Panel: Assessing the next era of LNG/FLNG/FSRU Players and Projects
  • Lessons learnt from Egypt, South America and Asia around FSRU – forecasts and considerations as markets switch to natural gas generation
  • Upcoming project pipelines in the region, the role of government in developing projects and how projects will be tendered

12.30 - Networking Lunch

13.30 - New Energies: Enabling Renewables on the Grid - The Future of Gas

14.30 - IPP’s: Lessons from Latin America and Asia 

  • Challenges and accounting issues faced by IPPs - pre-financial close, financial close, development/construction and operation
  • Insights into basic derivative financial instruments that may be used by IPP

15.30Networking Afternoon Coffee Break

16.00 - LNG and Power Trading: Ensuring High Quality Counterparts  

  • Utilising LNG and FSRUs as part of a wider gas to power portfolio, off take agreements, enhancing the gas transmission system and compression stations
  • How does the on-going imbalance between supply and demand create good opportunities for LNG traders and transport?
  • Adapting to delivering LNG in smaller packages over shorter time frames – how will the industry respond to new generation demands?
  • Supporting large scale point-to-point transactions and spot market around the world including on-trade surplus gas opportunities for energy companies and countries   
  • Developing security and supply through the enhancement of power pools
  • Mobilising investments for intra-regional infrastructure - how can the region boost energy trade within the power pools and between the power pools? How do we invest in interconnections to overcome shortages of trading options? 
  • Highlighting Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and other contractual and regulatory issues in relation to gas and power trading

17.00 - Close of Congress
19.00 *** Industry Awards Gala Dinner (night) ***

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