13 June 2017 - 14 June 2017 at Westin, Paris, France
Africa Assembly with Sponsors 2

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In 2017, we will bring together NOC representatives from across the Africa continent to discuss NOC and Government Corporate and commercial strategies against today's global backdrop.

  • Highlighting those who are successfully moving through the cycle quickly and efficiently
  • Benchmarking your corporate strategy against those who have a proven track record for change
  • Have we learnt any lessons from this cycle? What changes have governments and NOCs made to their business models as a result?
  • Getting serious about collaboration: Are ministries and NOCs going beyond just paying lip service to industry partnerships?
  • How are countries around the world addressing the enormous social consequences that have emerged as a result of the low oil price environment?
  • How are changes at policy level translating onto the field?

Should you wish to book a delegation to attend the event, please contact
Amy Miller

NOC Assembly 2017

Monday 12th June 2017 | The Westin, Paris

Registration & Networking Coffee

09.00-9.15: Opening Keynote Address
H.E. Dr Elham Ibrahim, Vice Chair for Africa, World Energy Council 
H.E. Dr Sun Xiansheng, 
Secretary General, International Energy Forum 
09.15-10.30: Strategies For Success: Today’s New Business Models, Winning Commercial Strategies And Attracting Local And International Investment

  • Benefiting from an overview of the last 24 months: What does an NOC’s world look like following CAPEX reductions, portfolio restructures and contract renegotiations?
  • How are NOCs and host governments surviving and adjusting to the new climate?
  • How can NOCs, Ministries and Regulators work together to provide a consistent, competitive and stable environment for foreign investment?
  • If oil prices rise, will the resource constraint on NOCs subside or will they continue to focus on driving efficiencies? How can NOCs use the current low oil price as an opportunity to drive new levels of efficiency and become better performing companies?
  • How much money is being spent on “new energies” post COP 21?

H.E. Dr Elham Ibrahim, Vice Chair for Africa, World Energy Council 
H.E. Dr Sun Xiansheng, Secreatry General, International Energy Forum
Amina Benkhadra, Director GeneralONHYM
Mike Aryeety, Chief Operations Officer Exploration & ProductionGhana National Petroleum Corporation

10.30-11.00: Networking Coffee & Refreshments

11.00-12.15: Analysis The Capital Transformation Of NOCs Today And The Changing Nature Of The Relationship With Their Partners

  • Clarifying the roles of State and NOC: Is the relationship between the two changing and if so what is the impact on the NOC and what ensuing repercussions may this have on the oil & gas industry?
  • Is the core function of the NOC changing? To what extent are NOCs formulating longer term plans to fulfil their obligations to the state over and beyond short term tactical responses?
  • In which key areas can NOCs benefit from a strong partnership with an IOC and vice versa? Technology expertise? Exploration & Production?
  • To what extent has the culture of partenrship changed between IOCs and NOCs over the last 5 years - and what can we expect in future - competition or cooperation?

H.E. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Minsiter of State for Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
Diederick Bax, New Business Development & Commericial Manager Africa, Shell 


12.15 -13.30: Networking Lunch 

13.30-14.45: Building A Roadmap For Emerging NOC Producers: Business Structuring, Skill Development, Ensuring Efficiency And Highlighting The Optimal Role For Host Governments

  • Finding the righ balance between autonomy for the NOC and state control to ensure maximal commercial drive and ability
  • Understanding the impact of a persistent oil price on new producers
  • Putting together a mandate that host countries can afford and that will give them the best chance of fulfilling it
  • Ensuring a capable state of administration and an effective legislative framework that allows for effective regulation of the industry
  • Securing existing or potential relationships with foreign oil companies and service providers
  • Honing the skills needed to make the most of cost reductions in the service sector and to negotiate finance under good terms
  • Planning for a competent and highly skilled workforce and supply chain

CLLR, Althea Eastman Sherman
, Acting President & CEO, NOCAL
Immanuel Mulunga, Managing Director, NAMCOR
Mateus da Costa, Director Exploration, Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo e Mineral, East Timor
Willie Mokgathe, CEO, Botswana Oil Limited 

14.45-15.15: Networking Break

 NOC Financing Trends: Alternative Means of Funding Capital Requirments In Today's Low Oil Price Environment

  • Given the downturn in the oil price, are we likely to see a reversal in the trend which saw certain NOCs expand overseas before the decline, with them focussing on home markets instead?
  • Does the low oil price actually present good buying opportunities overseas for NOCs?  Have they got the cash to invest and, if not, how supportive will their banks be?
  • How will future oil prices affect the overall trend with respect to overseas investment by NOCs?
  • How are NOCs attracting finance and gaining access to the equity and debt markets when the financial markets are more risk adverse than ever? What appetite do commercial banks have to lend to NOCs and their partners in the current climate?
  • With an unprecendented number of governments considering partial privatization or tapping into the international bond market by listing to raise, explore alternative means of funding capital requirements

Aakash Nijhawan
, Group Head of Investments, ENOC
Christof RhulGlobal Head of Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 

 WORKSHOP: Local Content: Getting Back Up To Speed To Re-Build The Oil & Gas Workshop In The Lower For Longer Oil Price

  • How are countries around the wold addressing the enormous social consequences that have emerged as a result of the low oil price enevironment?
  • Has local content been pushed to the side in the panic over the low oil price?
  • How can we ensure that the local economies are developed and diversified despite the low oil price?
  • How are changes at policy level translating onto the field?

David Bishop, Local Content Specialist, World Bank
Sandy Stash, Group VP - Safety, Sustainability and External Affairs, Tullow Oil

17.15: Close of NOC Assembly and Closed Door Drinks Reception for Ministries, NOCs and their Partners


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