28 November 2017 - 29 November 2017 at Dakar, Senegal

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Day 1 - 28 November
Day 2 - 29 November

Day 1

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 | Senegal, Dakar

Registration and Networking Coffee 

Ministerial Tour of Exhibition & Official Opening Ceremony  

Organiser’s & Chairman’s Welcoming Remarks  
Opening Keynote Addresses

Ministerial Address
Mohammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, Minister, Ministry of Energy and Development of Renewable Energies, Government of Senegal 

Cos-Petrogaz Keynote Address:

Ousmane Ndiaye, Permanent Secretary, COS-PETROGAZ


MSGBC NOC Keynote Addresses: 
Updates on NOC objectives, priorities, bidding rounds and future plans 

Mamadou Faye, Managing Director, Petrosen 
Honorio Buscardini, General Director, Petroguin  
Abdoulie T.B. Jarra, Managing Director, GNPC 
Diakaria Koulibaly, CEO, ONAP 
Speaker, TBC, SMHPM 
Julio Balde, General Secretary, AGC

Networking Coffee Break
NOC Panel Discussion: Regional Collaboration, Shared Challenges and Common Objectives
Working Together to Develop the MSGBC Basin

  • Exploring shared challenges the MSGBC countries face; how can NOCs work together to find viable solutions? 
  • Regionalisation: Assessing the benefits of collaborating as a region and working towards common objectives  
  • “One size doesn’t fit all”: Evaluating strategies for developing  regulatory frameworks and comparing hydrocarbon legislation across the MSGBC region "
  • Outlining domestic supply obligations of the region’s producers  
  • Developing in-country capacity: what are the main priorities for the regional NOCs? What regulatory framework will be put in place?  
  • How are the MSGBC countries overcoming the challenges that accompany the lack of available infrastructure?
  • Looking towards the future: how do the regional NOCs see the industry evolving over the next five years?

Panel Speakers:  
Mamadou Faye, Managing Director, Petrosen
Momodou Badjie, Managing Director, GNPC
Diakaria Koulibaly, CEO, ONAP
Honorio Buscardini, General Director, Petroguin  


Tortue & Yakaar: Confirming the Status of the MSGBC as a World-Class Hydrocarbon Basin

Industry Keynote Speakers:
Emma Delaney, Regional President, Mauritania and Senegal, BP
Senior Representative, TBC, Kosmos Energy

Updates from the SNE-Field

Simon Thomson, CEO, Cairn Energy
Networking Lunch 

Building the Legal and Regulatory Foundations for a Sustainable & Efficient Energy Industry 
Keynote: Insights into the Senegalese Petroleum Code and its Impact on Industry Development” 
  • Updates on hydrocarbon legislation across the region, and their implications for E&P activities in operation  
  • How will the legislative and regulatory developments taken place in the past year impact operators entering the region?  
  • How do regulatory environments across the region compare internationally? Are they attractive to future investors?  
  • Home to some of the most pro-business environments in West Africa, how can regulators ensure this message is consistent?  
  • Outlining developments in taxation law in the region and how it will affect operators in the region  
  • How can governments promote and increase transparency? How can this help attract business?  

Presentation: Outlook for the MSGBC Basin
Building on the Success of Recent Exploration

  • Exploration review: latest developments from 2014 onwards
  • Examining different play types across the basin
  • Looking towards the future: where do we go from here? What do we predict in the near-term and long-term?

Ben Sayers, Project Developer, TGS
The New Exploration Hotspot
Challenges & Opportunities for Independent Operators in the MSGBC Basin 

  • Sharing strategies for navigating the low oil price environment  
  • As the oil price stabilises, how can independent operators make the most of shifting out of survival mode?  
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities for independent operators in the MSGBC Basin?  
  • What technological solutions are independent operators currently looking for?  
  • Exploration updates: what exploration strategies are in place?  
  • Evaluating the underexplored potential of onshore and shallow water exploration in the region  
  • How do they see the industry across the basin evolving?  
  • Moving forward, what is the role of independent operators? Now that IOCs are entering the region, how will they continue to lead exploration in the basin? 

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

End of Day 1

Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner

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Day 2

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 | Senegal, Dakar

Registration and Networking Coffee
Chairman's Opening Remarks

Perspectives on the Global Gas Market  

  • Insights into global gas and LNG market trends   
  • What major developments in FLNG technology have been made recently, and where have they been put into use? 
  • Emerging from the oil price drop, how will the stabilisation of the market affect the MSGBC region compared to the rest of the world?  
  • Would the global gas market be ready for development of LNG in MSGBC region? 

Exploring the Path to Commercialisation for Deepwater Operators

  • Analysing and comparing petroleum strategies in place in the region  
  • Effects of stabilising oil price – how does this change the operators’ exploration strategies?  
  • How does the MSGBC operating environment compare to the rest of Africa? What makes the basin so attractive?  
  • What are the main technical challenges in the region?  
  • What are the liquid gas prospects for the region? 
  • Is the MSGBC area the next LNG Hub?  
  • Assessing the opportunities for LNG; where is the market for produced gas in the region?  
  • Regional gas market development:
    • Highlighting importance of aligning public and private objectives  
    • Gas to domestic markets: what recommendations can be made to develop a domestic gas sector effectively?  

Panel Speaker: 
Bas Spaargaren, Vice President Exploration & Africa, Nexen  
Jayne Baird, Vice President Exploration Africa & Atlantic Margins, Woodside Energy

Networking Coffee Break 
“In Conversation with… COS-PETROGAZ” 

The Comité d’Orientation Stratégique du Pétrole et du Gaz (COS – PETROGAZ) has the unenviable task of defining the regulatory and fiscal frameworks for Senegal. In this interview-style session, we will hear directly about their main priorities and objectives, as well as the challenges they’re facing. We will also have an update on the status of developing the Senegalese Gas Master Plan and an outline of plans for a national petroleum institute. 

Mamadou Fall Kane, Deputy Permanent Secretary, COS-PETROGAZ 
Maximising In-Country Value through Capacity Development Initiatives & Local Content Requirement

  • Summary of findings of pre-conference Local Content workshop  
  • Highlighting strategies for increasing local workforce skills and encouraging the development and employment of local service companies  
  • What are the development objectives of the region, and how can the oil and gas industry contribute towards achieving them?   
  • Analysing the role of a producer as a partner to the government  
  • How can governments and operators help manage the expectations of local communities?

Networking Lunch  

Country Roundtables

Join 25 self-selected attendees, including government executives and NOCs, and get all your questions answered on pressing issues facing each MSGBC country. Building on the discussions that have taken place over the two days, this is your opportunity to gain further insights on each country’s industry developments and future plans,  from the scope to further E&P projects, updates on hydrocarbon legislation and  bidding rounds, to technological challenges and investment opportunities.

Led by:  Joseph Medou, E&P Director, Petrosen  Led by: TBC Led by: TBC Led by: Celedonio Viereira, VP Business Development, Petroguin Led by: Head of Exploration, GNPC   Head of Geoscience, GNPC

Networking Coffee Break


Country Roundtable Wrap-up

Exploring Finance & Investment Options for E&P Projects in the MSGBC Basin

  • In terms of financing, what are the main differences between emerging and established oil and gas markets?  
  • What is the appetite for frontier market investment?  
  • Discussing sustainable financing solutions for new exploration ventures  
  • Exploring the main challenges for financing projects in the MSGBC region 
  • Country incentives: how can the MSGBC region make itself an attractive business environment for operators? 
  • Fiscal incentives: How can the government and regulators work together to make the environment attractive? 

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

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